Funky Munky shaved ice brings funky flavors to Stephenville


Lily Verhoeven

Funky Munky is located at 1355 W South Loop, Stephenville, TX. They are open every day from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. for the summer.

Snocones are the ultimate cure for summertime and Texas heat.
This year Funky Munky in Stephenville, TX has you covered. There are a total of seven different Funky Munky locations all over Texas. In Weatherford, Mineral Wells, Granbury, Springtown, Aledo, Cowtown in Fort Worth and Stephenville.
Each location has different hours as well as days they are open. Stephenville, specifically, is currently open seven days a week from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. The hours for other locations, as well as employment opportunities can be found on the Funky Munky website at
“I opened the first one [Funky Munky] in 2014,” Funky Munky owner, Tonya Williams said.
After the original Funky Munky was opened in Weatherford, TX, that location saw success and many other locations were opened.
According to the Funky Munky website, there are over 100 different flavors to choose from. There are regular flavors, fancy flavors, clear flavors, sugar free flavors and gourmet flavors. So there is sure to be a flavor for everyone.
There are also many extras that could be added to your snocone such as Chamoy, homemade Cream, Airhead Sticks, Nerds, Whipped Topping, Umbrellas, Sprinkles or even a Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.
Funky Munky has many different sizes that can be picked from and the price ranges depending on size, as well as any extras that may be added. For large groups or families that are looking to snatch a deal, Funky Munky offers a Party Pack To Go deal.
Each Party Pack comes with three regular flavors of choice, three flavor bottles with pour spouts, 20 Baboon sized (12 ounce) cups, 20 spoons and 20 monkeys. To order a Party Pack, call or order in person, each pack costs $45.
Funky Munky also offers different gear and apparel that can be purchased in store. This gear includes things like hats, koozies, and a variety of T-shirts.
“I didn’t realize when I first started the business how influential Funky Munky can be, over the years we have done things like serving our troops,” Williams said.

“We went down to Beaumont during hurricane Harvey, and I think that was the biggest eye opener for me where I could actually deal with the product and the love we put into it, because I don’t have big money where I can just write checks to support people, but my friend had the idea to take Funky Munky to Beaumont and serve snocones,” Williams said.
One of the most important community events that Funky Munky participates in is their Give Back Days. These days are currently only offered at the Weatherford location. Although, once it is seen how successful this day can be, then more Funky Munky locations will also look at doing Give Back Day’s at their locations.
Funky Munky hosts Give Back Days as a Fundraising Event for different organizations within the community. During that time, any qualifying purchase at Funky Munky will result in a donation given to the community. The more the specific organization shares about their Give Back Day, the more successful their event will be.
There are many different community organizations that qualify for this day. Including any school, school Parent Teacher Associations, Churches, animal shelters, welfare organizations, youth sports leagues, youth development organizations, food banks and health improvement organizations.
Organizations like 4H, FFA, Scout groups, the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, as well as other charitable associations all qualify for a Give Back Day.
Funky Munky will specifically donate $0.50 for every qualifying item sold during the event. Qualifying items at Funky Munky are simply full priced items at that location. No coupons or discounts can be counted, and the customer must mention Give Back Day when placing their order.
Give Back Days are offered every Monday and Wednesday at the Weatherford location. The event lasts the entire day of operation. They are booked on a first come, first served basis. These days are not offered in the months of June, July or August.
In order to book a Give Back Day, the organization must first submit the Give Back Day request form. This form can be found at Once the form is submitted, Funky Munky will review the request form and determine if the organization qualifies as well as if the date requested is available. If everything meets the qualifications, Funky Munky will call or email the contact listed and discuss the scheduled Give Back Day. After each of these steps are completed, the organization will be required to complete and sign the fundraising agreement, as well as provide Funky Munky with a IRS Form W-9.
Funky Munky continues to expand, and they are planning to open up some new locations soon as well.
“The goal is to kind of if you will, snowball out. I would rather keep them closer to home and just kind of keep growing out from where we started here in Weatherford. It is going to be hard and take the right person for me to allow them to take my business and do it that far away from me, just because there are certain things that I love about Funky Munky and the way we do things in our community, and our customer service and the quality of the product. I really like to make sure it is the best every single time somebody comes in,” Williams said.
Funky Munky is currently playing a huge role in its community. So go on down to the Southern Honey parking lot, on 1355 W South Loop in Stephenville, and grab a great snocone Texans.