Code Purple (and White)

What to do during a snow day according to, JTAC staff writer, JB.


What’s better than canceled classes? A winter white campus AND canceled classes!

Wednesday night, a winter storm came in that brought the beautiful ice and snow that gave students and faculty the break we all needed. So what is there to do during this extended snowed-in weekend?

If you’re like me who was born in the cold of winter and loves the snow, here’s a few things you can do:

  • Absolutely obliterate your friends in a snowball fight
  • Make the most ridiculous snowman
  • Freeze your entire body while making a snow angel
  • Grab your nearest container lid and sled down the sidewalk
  • Draw pictures in the snow
  • Make a snow cone out of real snow (if you’re okay with also eating a little bit of dirt and grass)
  • Hold out your tongue and try to catch snowflakes
  • Take cute pictures with your friends and make memories
  • Watch all the cute dogs make paw prints in the snow
  • Layer up and wear non-slip shoes (boots are best) so that you don’t fall on the ice
Jessica Blakely

If you hate the cold and become a living icicle outside, here are a few things you can do:

  • Bundle up in 1000 blankets and lay in your bed
  • Take a much needed nap
  • Clean your room and do your laundry
  • Put on your warmest, coziest fuzzy socks
  • Make hot chocolate, hot tea or hot coffee
  • Eat some nice hot soup
  • Have a movie marathon by yourself or with friends
  • Get ahead on some homework assignments and study for that exam that got pushed back
  • Watch the snowfall from your window
  • Go to the rec and workout anytime from 10 a.m. –  6p.m.

Whether you want to go out and play in the snow or stay in and watch from the window,  there is something to do during this Code Purple. However you choose to spend it, just remember, the yellow snow is NOT lemon flavored.