Staff Spotlight: Det. Sherri Thompson

“I believe in the justice system”


The Tarleton State University Police Department is full of experienced and retired police officers from all over the state of Texas. This includes areas such as, Austin, Arlington, Houston, Fort Worth, etc. 

Many of these officers worked in big cities up until the point of retirement and found themselves back on the job in Stephenville, TX working with college students. 

One staff member, in particular, that has made an impact on the Tarleton Police Department and Tarleton students is Detective Sherri Thomson. 

Thomson came to Stephenville from Fort Worth where she worked for 28 years. She served for 14 years on night shift patrol, eight years in Sex Crimes, and two years as the Sargeant of Sex Crimes and Human Trafficking. 

Thomson retired for 18 months, and although she enjoyed the rest, she realized how much money Fort Worth spent on training her and decided that she could still be useful. She decided to apply her training and experience to help people who sometimes are facing the worst days of their lives. Thomson works alongside fellow officers and under the direction of Chief Matt Welch. 

“I have worked with Mrs. Thomson for about 20 years.We worked together for the Fort Worth Police Department in Adult Sex Crimes, and then at numerous events for TCU before she came to Tarleton,” Welch said.

Detective Thomson comes from a family with servant’s hearts. 

“My father is retired military and a retired Federal Drug Enforcement Agency analyst, my brother is a retired fireman, and my husband is a police officer. We don’t know how to do anything else except help people,” Thomson stated.When asked what Thomson brings to the police department, Chief Welch stated that she brings “a lot of credibility. She is one of the most qualified sex crimes detectives in our region. The Erath County District Attorney loves her work. Her investigations are thorough, and her reports are extremely well written.” 

Welch also feels that Thomson has “had a tremendous positive impact” on Tarleton students “due to her honest approach to cases. She isn’t here for the victims nor to prosecute the suspects but to seek the truth. Finding the truth for prosecutorial review is a priority,”  Welch expressed. 

Mrs. Thomson said that her favorite part of the job is the Tarleton UPD officers she works with, the Stephenville Detective Unit, and the District Attorney’s Office. 

“They put everything aside every time I need help with something. All of us want to do our part to help when we are needed,” Thomson said.

Thomson  is very encouraging and believes that when victims come forward and use resources such as police, counselors, and Title IX, they can heal better. 

“We cannot help what we don’t know. If someone is a crime victim or needs our help, all they have to do is report it. We will investigate. No one should have to go through being a crime victim alone,” Thomson stated. 

Detective Thomson is certainly doing her part when it comes to finding justice. 

“I work for the truth and go where the facts and evidence take me. I believe in the justice system, and I believe it has to work for everyone or it doesn’t work for anyone. I have always done my part to maintain the integrity of the system. Most of all, I believe everyone deserves to feel safe, protected, and respected. If I can help, I will,”  Thomson said.

Bryanna Langston, a student at Tarleton State who has had direct interaction with Thomson, shared her experience working with the Detective. “Mrs. Thomson took my case very seriously. She paid very close attention to detail and made me confident in her ability to investigate my case. She also provided me with numerous resources so that I could feel supported,” Langston said.

In a world where there is turmoil between the citizens and police, Detective Thomson is a great example of what support from law enforcement should look like. Detective  Thomson plays a huge role in the operation and effectiveness of the Tarleton Police Department and in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of students. She looks for nothing but the truth and will make sure everyone’s truth is heard.