Art your heART out

Classes and more at Stephenville’s Art center

The Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council is a non-profit arts center that has been serving eight counties, including Erath, for more than 35 years. The center has brought art of all mediums to people of all ages. It has seen many changes over the past three years with COVID-19, and even remained closed at points, but has since begun opening up to serve the community again. Brie Shernisky, a part time class teacher at the center, is bringing insight to what the fine arts center is all about.

Shernisky, who has a degree in various types of art, has led several classes this year. One class included ceramic painting, in which participants painted on vases. The vases were then fired in a kiln (a very hot oven) to produce a shiny colorful coat. Their most popular class series have been the “Paint the Town” classes. Which consists of painting on various canvases. One “Paint the Town” class had guests paint on vibrant yellow jackets. 

“All the classes are my favorite, I can’t pick just one,” Shernisky stated. 

Classes at the Cross Timbers Fine Arts Center are open to all regardless of age and are a great way to connect with the fine arts community. Shernisky has hinted at several classes in the works for the future including a jewelry class and a 80’s themed craft class. 

“It would be great to have more people come out to classes,” Shernisky said. 

Classes are offered at relatively low prices and a student discount for those interested could be offered for the future.In college, student stress is extremely prevalent considering the workload as well as any other extracurricular commitments that students may participate in. Shernisky expressed how art was really important in reducing stress and improving mood; many studies also reinforce this point. (Hence, the popularity of adult coloring books in recent years). Taking art classes are a great way to support the Cross Timbers Fine Arts Center as well as burn off some of that stress. 

Brie also mentioned the center will be moving from its current location and taking over the former “Pinspiration” spot in the town square downtown. The move to the square is the perfect place to gain fresh faces and more business so that the wonderful arts center can keep providing to our community. 

For more information visit on the center go to and follow their social media on Facebook (Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council) and Instagram (@ctfac).