A man’s best friend

Some of the many dogs available at Erath County Humane Society


“Lady Jam” at the Human Society

Summer is approaching quickly and, lucky for students, that means lots of free time. After a long, stressful school year, we finally get to relax. We get to enjoy the sun, the pools, friends, and the many adventures that come with “summer freedom.”

Sadly, although summer is supposed to be endless fun, many people have jobs, go on vacation, have siblings to take care of, or have priorities that take them away from their friends and the joy shared. No one wants to spend summer alone. So, if your human friends are busy, why not find another- maybe one more furry. 

The Erath County Humane Society, located at 891 East Road in Stephenville, Texas, is full of pawsome friends that would love to have a new best friend going into the summer. Trips to the lake, walks through the park, boat rides, and the endless love that a pet can bring you are just a few of the many reasons you should consider adopting a new right hand man. 

Bingo is an American Pit Bull and Terrier mix. He is three years old and weighs about 42 lbs. This sweet baby is dog friendly and high energy. Although he does not do the best around livestock and cats, he sounds like the perfect dog to take to a bonfire, to the lake, or just over to your rich friend’s house (the one with a big backyard). 

Bingo is Bordetella and DHPP vaccinated, wormed, microchipped, heartworm negative and on prevention,” the Erath County Humane Society website states. 

Next, we have Wings. She is a Black Mouth Cur / Catahoula Leopard Dog mix. She is 51 lbs and about 10 months old. 

“Wings is super energetic, lovely puppy who would make someone a fantastic companion! She is very people friendly and loves attention. Wings is spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped and has been wormed,” the website states. 

She is dog friendly with larger dogs and loves meeting new people. She is great with kids and is house and crate trained. Wings sounds like the perfect dog to take camping with the family as “she rides well in a car and walks well on a leash,” the website explains.

There is also Sam and Dalilah. These babies are bonded and need to be adopted together. Sam is a big boy, weighing 104 lbs. He is a 10 year old Labrador / Great Dane. “Sam has lived outside most of his life but is housetrained and enjoys coming in the house sometimes. He does well on a leash, being groomed, and being in a car. Sam is livestock friendly. He does well with dogs, cats, and children,” the website says. Sam seems to have some medical issues as he is becoming an older dog. “Sam is heartworm positive and he has finished the slow kill method of treatment; potential adopters should speak to their veterinarian about treatment options,” the website explains.

Dalilah is a 10 year old lab and dane mix as well. She weighs around 97 lbs. “Dalilah has been an outside dog her whole life, so she is not crate trained but she is housebroken, & enjoys the inside life. She is a door and gate darter so she has to be watched around open doors and gates. She is very people friendly and will walk up to anyone for attention. She does well with dogs, cats, and children, ” the website says. She also is under the same heartworm care as her brother, Sam.   

Vernon is a Terrier, American Pit Bull / Mixed Breed (Large) who obviously knows how to pose for a picture. He is about 70 lbs and four years old. He loves people as well as playing. Vernon seems to just be a big cuddle bug. He wants people’s attention and that only, he cares very little about anything else. 

“He did well with the foster’s children. He loves meeting new people. He was originally fostered with the purpose of being a cow and hog dog, but he does not have any interest in them and will usually ignore them to get attention from people. He has done okay while in a kennel inside, and is usually pretty tidy. While being fostered during the cold, the foster said he seemed to be housebroken and did well when left alone inside. He is a big cuddler and loves getting attention,” the website explained. 

Although he is a master of cuddling, he is not a fan of cats and needs to be separated from other animals when fed. Vernon sounds like the perfect travel dog to me.

While there are many amazing furry friends at this shelter, the last one I will be introducing is Lady Jam. She is a three year old Pyrenees, Great / Shepherd, German weighing about 100 lbs. She is very photogenic and loves attention. This lady has a wonderful personality and will be sure to never leave you bored. 

“She has been a very sweet girl that likes body scratches, and absolutely loves butt rubs and belly rubs. She is still a little mouthy when she gets excited. She is housebroken and crate trained. She walks okay on a leash until she sees something worth chasing” the website says. 

While she has many wonderful traits, Jam can jump five foot fences. It is recommended that she has a lot of room to run around as that is how she prefers to use her energy. She does well with other dogs, but does tend to guard food and other resources. It is preferred that she be in a cat free facility, as she enjoys chasing anything she can. 

“Also, do not leave food unattended on the counter. She is most definitely an opportunist and snag free food when she can. She will put her front paws on the counter looking for any open containers,” the website says. 

This sweet lady seems to be the perfect fit for someone with lots of land. 

There are many more fur-babies where that came from. If none of these furballs caught your eye, check out Erath County Humane Society at erathcountyhumanesociety.com/dogs/#sl_embed&page=shelterluv_wrap_1605637712709%2Fembed%2Fanimal%2FECHS-A-2751 and see if your furever best friend is waiting for you.