Shop locally at The Purple Tractor

The Purple Tractor is a merchandising, teaching laboratory created for and operated by students in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. It is located at the Tarleton Agricultural Center in the Animal & Plant sciences Center, 1322 CR 518, Stephenville, TX 76401.

The Purple Tractor offers farm to table products including beef, lamb, pork and rabbits. Furthermore, they put together snack packs consisting of summer sausage, cheese and jerky. 

 “Shopping at the Purple Tractor is a really good way to get good quality meat locally, all of the animals are raised on the farm and everything is locally sourced. I really like the fact that all of our meat is just frozen without any additives and vacuum seal is our only preservation method,” staff member, Hannah Reed, stated. 

You can also find decorative plants like succulents, snake plants, and other house plants grown by students in the greenhouse. Last year, yellow squash and tomatoes were also being sold. 

 “One of the cool things about The Purple Tractor is that if we sell something like a ribeye steak, the money from that goes directly back into the meat lab. If we sell a plant, it goes directly to the horticulture department., Iit’s all basically giving the money made from the student’s projects back into their departments,” Reed stated.  

If you a’re looking to try a hearty steak, fresh vegetables, or are simply looking for a farmer’s market to visit, The Purple Tractor is just the place. 

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