Halo but with portals?

Video game review: Splitgate

Many gamers are usually aware when a new game drops and they rush to try it out as soon as it’s available for play. Well one fairly new game that released in the summer of 2019 is “Splitgate,” while the reviews for the game are fairly high as it was able to top the charts and was introduced in the summer of a pandemic. This, however, does not change the fact how likable the game actually is. 

There is also the fact that the game is still in its beta testing phase or beta mode. When the game first released it gained the most traction as playable in 2021; however, there were server-related issues. The creators stated it was sort of like when you want to go to a restaurant when it is understaffed and really new. This would mean there are only so many tables available resulting in either having to wait or simply leave and try again at a later date. Many gamers who were interested waited the long hours it took to even get into the game; and as a titled beta tester it was worth the wait. 

“Halo” the game series is a military science fiction media franchise. Exclusive to Xbox but wildly popular, the first-person shooter (FPS) adventure game series first released in 2001, but was so popular that it had its latest release “Halo: Infinite”  in 2021. 

“Portal” a single player FPS puzzle game released in 2007 by Valve Corporation. It forces a human test subject to run a gauntlet of grueling spatial experiments administered by a malfunctioning, psychotic artificial intelligence named GLaDOS, as recorded by giantbomb.com. 

“Splitgate” is often defined as “Halo” meets “Portal,” according to gamerant.com, like these two games, “Splitgate” is a FPS game with a variety of modes. The game is now in season two with many new challenges, characters, and arenas. Currently in the game modes there is quickplay: including team deathmatch, search and survive, sniper frenzy, takedown, and more; ranked, map creator, custom, where one is able to join on others custom worlds/servers, race, and practice. 

My personal favorite of the modes is team deathmatch. While in the lobby, or area to look at your own stats and wait to be placed in a room, there is the option to have at maximum three others join. After selecting the game mode: team deathmatch, you wait for others to join the match, then choose the arena, and begin with your team on an opposite side of the arena than the other team. As someone who started off playing “Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege,” and does not have that quick of a reaction time, my favorite part is that you are able to revive six seconds  after death during the eight minute match.  The objective: get the most kills. Each player earns one point per enemy killed and each team gets one point per enemy killed. 

The main weapons in the game consist of: pistol, shotgun, smg, assault rifle, carbine, battle rifle, plasma rifle, rocket launcher, rail gun, sniper, and the BFB. There are also different challenges to undergo while playing with each tool. 

The race game mode is without weapons, and uses disco balls instead. The objective is to find all of the disco balls as fast as possible, by running, climbing, or creating portals. Follow the set path through the standard arena to collect all the balls. 

What makes this game unique is not the characters, jetpacks, nor the multiple arenas, but the fact that one is able to create and travel through portals. As someone who is not an amazing  shot or sniper, this makes it easier and more fun. Imagine the surprise when one moment you are crouched ready to snipe someone with no one around, when suddenly someone pops or shoots through a portal and you are downed. 

Thus, whether or not you have never heard of this game and want to try it, or saw it last year but did not feel like queuing for hours, run to it now. Watching yourself progress and grinding on this game will almost definitely be worthwhile. It is available for play on PC, Xbox, and Playstation. For more information visit, splitgate.fandom.com, splitgate.com, or @Splitgate on twitter, instagram, or tiktok.