Getting into the Halloween spirit

New Spirit Halloween store in Stephenville, Texas

If you are a Halloween fanatic, lucky for you Stephenville has just the place to let your spooky side shine. On Sept. 17, the doors to a new Spirit Halloween store opened and the spooky season lovers were eagerly awaiting. 

Upon walking into the store, you are greeted with one of Spirit’s very well known trademarks, the animatronics. This store characteristic aids in the telling of what is to come while walking through this shop. Their animatronics range from creepy talking clowns to dogs that jump out of their dog houses. The prices range from $10 for the step pad activator to $350 for the Krampus animatronic. 

Although the price may be a hard hit to one’s bank account, these animatronics are sure to have people jumping out of their shoes. The tallest animatronic is roughly 8.8 feet tall with his name being Mr. Dark. 

“Mr. Dark is waiting. He always is waiting. He’s tucked away in the shadowy corners of a room, patiently crouched in the midnight of a long alley or shrouded in parts of your mind you are afraid of when you fall asleep. Mr. Dark is there biding his time and growing bigger every minute, feeding on your fear, anxiety, wicked thoughts, and growing stronger each minute. Then before you know it, his evil darkness has enveloped you and your soul. Don’t blink because it’s already happening to you,” the Spirit Halloween website states. “You never know what kind of dark hallway or corner Mr.Dark will be hiding in your home! Once you catch a glimpse of his terrifying light-up red LED eyes you’re too late. With the built-in scissor mechanism, he’ll already be shooting up to nine feet tall to scare you off of your feet!”

Now, if a giant animatronic is not down your alley, they also have shorter ones. These ones range from 21 inches to three feet tall. For example, there is Spike.

“Spike never had good luck. When the Zombie apocalypse came he couldn’t end up like an average brain-hungry zombie roaming the Pacific Coast Highway for brains. Instead, he managed to fight off a horde of zombies converging in his backyard only to end up getting bitten by an undead version of man’s best friend. After the zombie dogs ate through his lower half, his wife waited for them to find their next victim and drove a stake into his brain. Unfortunately, she couldn’t do it with eyes open – so Spike is left to hang around waiting for his next meal,” the website states. 

Not only do they have a world full of these crazy robotics, they have merchandise, decorations, makeup, and of course, costumes. If you can think of a costume, Spirit Halloween probably has it. Some of these many options include Rick and Morty, a hippie, Bob Ross, Disney Princesses, cowboys and  cowgirls, the Cookie Monster, and Spongebob. While these are just a few of the endless options, they also have inflatable costumes and pair costumes such as peanut butter and jelly, avocado and toast, and so on.

Some of the customers have noticed a size issue regarding the costumes within the store. The largest size that was found in the store on Sept. 20 was 1X (size 18-20). After searching multiple rows and looking through different costumes, the majority of available sizes  were small through large. Although you can find some of the larger sizes online, this raises some questions about size inclusivity  within the Spirit Halloween store. Upon further investigation, the most “size inclusive” costume option was the “one size fits all” costumes that happened to mostly be in the inflatable section of the store. 

However, the merchandise variety is a wide one. They have items such as blankets, pillows, wreaths, signs, cups, mugs, etc. The makeup is endless. From every shade of lipstick to rhinestones for your face, they have everything in between. 

Now that Halloween is creeping up on us, go visit the new store at 2900 West Washington Street. Your new costume and decor await.

 If you would like to learn more about Spirit Halloween or shop online, visit them at