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Horror movies that make one question their reality

If you are like me, a horror movie aficionado, then you may find that many modern day horror films are missing something. Most of them are missing the scary element, many try too hard to add suspense but fail to actually live up to the suspense they are building. Needless to say, not all horror movies are slow burn to where they miss the actual point of being a horror film, but for those who feel this way. There are some movies to watch that may give a sense of blood chilling fear. 

First on this list is “Annabelle Creation,” as one of the many movies within the Annabelle series, this film tells the story of who Annabelle is and how she came to be. Directed by David F. Sandberg and released in 2017, the story follows a group of orphans that move into the house of a couple who lost their child ‘Bee.’ The girls quickly begin to notice odd happenings within the house when one of the girls finds a seemingly innocent doll, hidden away in the room of the couple’s deceased child. 

This movie earned a 70 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, as per usual scary movie plotline, they spent a majority of their time setting the scene. While the recent polio stricken child, Janice (Talitha Bateman), finds herself disabled, she searches through the house and starts the terrifying haunting brought by Annabelle. Talitha’s rendition of a curious child who had been possessed gave the film its creepy aura that most do not have. 

Next is “Before I Wake,” this horror/thriller was directed by Mike Flanagan and aired in 2016. The story showcases the life of foster child Cody, who has been rehomed with Mark and Jessie, who recently lost their son. When Cody first arrives he informs Jessie that he is terrified of falling asleep, the couple attempts to ease his fears and coax him into sleeping. When he finally does, something unexpected happens, his dreams come to life. The only catch to his magical dreams is that his nightmares also have a corporal form. 

Earning a 66 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, the main villain of the movie stems from an almost cute misunderstanding of cancer. Kate Bosworth (Jessie) demonstrates the pain of a parent losing their child as well as how far one would go to even see that child again. This movie, while it immediately gives insight to his dreams, the premise of the movie is more horrifying than the visuals. For those who like to spiral into the realities and what if situations, this movie can stir up one’s mind. 

Then we have “The Free Fall,” released in 2021 and directed by Adam Stilwell. The aforementioned exposes the life of a young woman presumably named Sara (Andrea Londo). After witnessing the atrocities of her parents death she finds herself with amnesia beside a man who claims to be her husband. Before becoming an amnesiac, she attempts to kill herself which is when her ‘husband’ doubles down and becomes extremely overbearing. Sara now must unravel the mystery that comes with the house as well as her own mind.

This movie, as quiet as it is, scored a 50 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. As a slasher it could definitely do better with its sound quality, as it seems through the whole movie the characters are unnecessarily whispering. Nevertheless, the opening scene was unlike many modern day movies and actually got straight into the slashing. Though most of the film was unraveling her mind the slasher parts made it worth the watch. 

Finally, there exists “Dreamcatcher,” another recent film which was broadcasted in 2021 and directed by Jacob Johnson. Revolving around a group of friends/siblings who go to a rave, called ‘Cataclysm’ presented by DJ Dreamcatcher. Everything goes awry when one of the friends meets the DJ and goes backstage with him and it leads to a less than pleasant experience as the DJ’s agent attempts to pay them off subsequently. Now at the underground music fest, a masked killer goes on a 48 hour killing frenzy.

This movie which received a 40 percent on Rotten Tomatoes is full of unresolved sibling drama, an unrequited love between best friends, and blood. There are many flashes and loud sounds so photosensitive viewers beware. However, this film is a perfect watch alone movie, but if you are one who likes to see familiar actors (Zachary Gordon) or pick apart a movie like a film critic, this may be that movie. 

All in all there is a shortage in terrifying movies that makes one’s body convulse as they shove a pillow in their face to block the scene. The main thing I recommend to horror aficionados like myself is to go through the movies on your streaming service and pick the ones that look the best. Most of these titles can be found through Netflix, Hulu, and Tubi.