How to stand out: Halloween Edition

These Halloween costumes will make you the star of the show

Spooky season is officially in session and Halloween lovers are ecstatic. How can anyone not enjoy the crisp fall air, the pumpkin carving, the decorations filling neighbor’s yards, and let’s not forget about the candy. The bucket that swings by your side as laughter fills the air on Oct. 31. Just watching as your basket slowly fills and fills with your favorite candies. 

Sounds like a dream does it not? Well, if you want that dream to come true, you are going to need a costume. Not the boring costumes that everyone wears every year like the devil and angel you see walking by or the Bob Ross and paint brush. We are talking fun, fresh and new. Something to grab people’s attention.

First things first, you can start with your favorite celebrity. That is definitely an outfit that will get some people talking. Many celebs nowadays are on a hunt to be ‘fashion icons,’ leading them to not always wear the best outfits on the red carpet. If you walk up to a house to trick or treat or go to a party wearing what Kylie Jenner wore to the 2022 Met Gala, someone is sure to ask some questions. 

If you do not like the idea of being a celebrity, then maybe a character is a better fit. I am not talking Eddie Munson from “Stranger Things.” I am talking about less represented characters. How many times have you seen Peppa pig on Halloween? What about Shrek? Flounder the fish? Timon and  Pumbaa? You want to stand out on Halloween, you have to be willing to put in the work. 

Lastly, try an object. Maybe you have always wanted to be a lamp. Here is your chance. You will be sure to light up peoples night. Want to be a chair? Go for it. People will come to you when they need a break. Do you like pencils? Someone will be sure to make a point of your costume. 

Halloween is a time for fun with friends and family. Do not stress about spending tons of money on a costume you are only going to wear once. Go out with your friends, go trick or treating, go to the party, but overall, just have a good night and stay safe.