Recap of WBB

Tarleton women’s basketball vs UNT Dallas

On Nov. 11, the Tarleton women’s basketball team won their second game of the season as they defeated UNT Dallas.

In the 1st quarter, the Texans came out with a lead 14-9. Nya Mitchels tied the quarter up to 4-4. With the help Teresa DaSilva, she led the Texans up 11-9. Jenna Dick ended the time with a 3-pointer. As UNT Dallas was held 30% field goal, the Texans followed with a 41.7% field goal.

In the 2nd quarter, the Texans ended it with a lead of one point. Tyler Jakson made a good layup with the clock of 1:16 left. UNT Dallas followed up with 42.8% field goal as the Texans fell down with 36.3%.

At halftime, the Texans came out of the second quarter 24-23.

In the 3rd quarter, Texans came out with a boom and outscored UNT Dallas 44-33. They also held UNT Dallas field goal at 25%, and the Texans ended up with 36.3% of field goal. Elise Turrubiated and Viktoria Ivanova started the quarter with a good layup. Then Mayra Caicedo and DaSilva ended it with us being in the lead by 11 points. 

In the last quarter, the game ended with the Texans taking the game 73-46. In the beginning, Turrubiates and Silva led the quarter, bringing the score 53-33. The Texans again held UNT Dallas with a field goal of 26.6% and the Texans led with 53.3%.