Now Streaming: The College Tour

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Tarleton’s episode of “The College Tour” is now streaming. The episode features 10 Tarleton students sharing their experience and stories as a Tarleton Texan.

“The College Tour” is a TV series hosted by Alex Boylan, and tells the story of a single college through the lens of its students. Each episode averages about 30 minutes. The series currently has seven seasons, the seventh featuring Tarleton State University and other colleges such as Western Colorado University, The University of Tulsa, and more. 

The episode showcases what makes Tarleton so special as it highlights student experiences like campus life, academics, athletics, and tradition. State of the art facilities like the Mayfield College of Engineering or the Bob and Darla Doty Rodeo Complex are spotlighted. Students discuss different resources and involvement for students on campus, such as the Wellness Center, financial aid opportunities, or the 120 unique degree programs offered. Tarleton’s campus locations are featured as well as the 7,500 seat sporting and events arenas new to the Athletics and Academic success. The episode ends with a special message from the university president, James Hurley.

Filming took place on campus Sept. 12-16. Students had the opportunity to audition during the summer to be featured in the TV series by submitting a two minute video as to why they would be the perfect candidate to help tell the Tarleton story. 

To catch a glimpse of Tarleton or spot some familiar faces, watch The College Tour on YouTube,, or stream on Amazon Prime beginning in March.