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Daquiriville to open in Stephenville

A new drive thru frozen cocktail bar, called Daiquiriville, is coming to Stephenville soon. 

A daiquiri is a frozen cocktail traditionally made with rum, citrus, and sugar. This popular cocktail was invented in 1898 in Cuba by an American engineer named Jennings Cox. It is rumored that the daiquiri came about when Cox ran out of gin during a cocktail party and used rum to substitute drinks usually made with gin. 

Daiquiris nowadays are still made the same, but usually have some sort of fruit such as strawberry added to it for extra flavor. 

The bar is owned and operated by Madie Davidson, and will be joining the growing list of women-owned businesses in Stephenville. The drive through bar was supposed to open in December of 2022, but due to some unexpected circumstances that were not published, the opening was delayed. No new opening date has been announced yet.

The bar is set to be located at 620 S. Graham Ave. next to Rodeo Grounds Coffee and Woodrow’s Barber Shop.

The menu will include classic cocktails such as daiquiris, margaritas, and pina coladas, but will also include a variety of unique signature cocktails. They will also have the option to suggest your own flavor combination if the cocktails listed do not have the flavor combinations you want.

Daiquiriville is still looking to hire more crew members to complete their team before opening. For employment inquiries or any additional information, Daiquiriville can be reached at [email protected] or by visiting their Facebook page entitled “Daiquiriville.”

Individuals under the age of 21 will not be served alcohol. Individuals over 21 who wish to use Daiquiriville’s drive through service, please enjoy responsibly and do not drink and drive.