Album review: drowning by Jessie Murph

Beautifully heartbreaking

On my daily commute to school, Jessie Murph’s latest album can be found blaring through the speakers of my car radio. If she is not on my radio, my TikTok for you page (fyp) is flooded with her latest album debut.


Jessie Murph released her first album, “drowning,” on Feb. 10, written from most of her personal experiences. The 18-year-old alternative artist has taken the world by storm with her musical talent, her 11 song album marking the start of a promising career. 


Without question, my favorite song on the album is “Where Do You Go.” The song begs the question, where do you go when the gloomy feelings creep back in and the things that normally fix them do not. Second best is “How Could You,” a beautifully heartbreaking song. Murph is vulnerable with this song and allows it to be a safe space for so many.


“What Happened to Ryan” is a staple in the album, as it tells the story of a friend who struggles with mental health and addiction from the perspective of someone who wants to help. “They Leave” encapsulates that no matter what you do or say they are bound to leave, the melody is based on “Jolene” by Dolly Parton. The cold, pop-slowburn “Drunk in the Bathtub” is a collage of the numbness of partying and her desire to be left alone with her thoughts. 


Her album is a beautiful display of heartbreak and depression. Each song digs deep into issues that many do not discuss. From heartbreak, depression, and addiction, “drowning” is bound to pull at your heartstrings. Jessie Murph amazes me at her breathtaking vocal skills that range from any emotion, and her uncanny ability to make any genre into her own. It is safe to say this album is a 10/10. I am excited to see what music is in store for the future and what stories she will soon tell through the lyrics of her songs.