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Taylor Swift Eras Tour


McKenna Maddux outside the AT&T Stadium waiting to attend the Eras Tour

Taylor Swift is quite possibly the most well known pop star across the modern ages. Her iconic red lipstick look and her ingenious style in combination with her imaginative melodies have easily made her a popular household name. Ever since she was born in 1989, Swift has devotedly followed her passion for music and the arts. 

   From her humble beginnings in 2005, to her current immense stardom in 2023, she has altered her music genre, her style, and her lyricism techniques to remain at the top of the music industry for nearly 20 years. 

   “Taylor Swift was discovered in 2005 in a small, Nashville cafe. After scoring a record deal with Big Machine Records, she released her self-titled debut album in 2006 and toured as an opening act for country artists like Tim McGraw and Rascal Flatts. Her first concert tour was the “Fearless Tour.” Since then, she has launched five headlining tours, the most recent being 2018’s Reputation Tour. As of 2020, Swift has performed in more than 900 concerts,” the Ticketmaster website explained. 

   To the excitement of her loyal fans, Swift has most recently begun one of her most notable journeys yet: the one and only “2023 Taylor Swift Eras Tour.”

   When the tour was first announced, Taylor Swift fans went absolutely feral in their attempts to snatch up a few tickets for themselves. When the tickets for the tour were first streamlined to the public for presale on November 15, 2022, the Ticketmaster app and website were unable to keep up with the exorbitant demand.

   “The company’s website [Ticketmaster] crashed because of the fan demand, while tons of fans who did get into the queue had to wait for over two hours to get a chance at purchasing tickets. Other fans got blindsided by being sent to a wait list. Backlash against Ticketmaster exploded,” the Today website explained. 

   In response to the massive disaster that the ticket presale was, Ticketmaster released a statement that begged for forgiveness and promised atonement for the bad blood that their website glitch had caused. They explained that they were massively unprepared for the historically unprecedented demand from Swift’s fans, and that they had never imagined that this hectic technical debacle would have occurred. 

   “The Eras Tour ended up breaking a Ticketmaster record as over two million tickets were sold for Swift’s shows on Nov. 15, the most tickets ever sold for an artist in a single day,” the Ticketmaster website explained in their statement. “The Eras Tour sale made one thing clear: Taylor Swift is an unstoppable force and continues to set records.” 

   Sadly, the fans who were not able to get tickets due to the multitude of factors were forced to tolerate it; perhaps sometime soon they will get some closure from Ticketmaster. 

   After the chaos of the ticket sales had died down, anticipation began to build up for the individuals who were able to snag some of the high demand tickets for the tour. Swift’s fans began to speculate and theorize immediately, coming up with creative ideas about how Swift would present her new tour. Fans constructed their dream setlists, outfits, and stage settings in the hopes that she would make their wildest dreams come true. And, despite the fact that these excited fans had secured their tickets, they were not out of the woods yet. They still had to figure out one more extremely important thing: what they were going to wear to the concert. 

   In preparation for the concert, many fans have taken extreme measures to make sure they are looking their best in order to honor Taylor Swift’s different eras. In total, there are ten different eras featured during Swift’s tour: “Taylor Swift (Debut),” “Fearless,” “Speak Now,” “Red,” “1989,” “Reputation,” “Lover,” “Folklore,” “Evermore,” and “Midnights. 

   Many of Swift’s fans perfected the saying, “dress to impress,” and it can be seen by their downright dedication to their concert ensembles. Some fans are personalizing their concert attire themselves using feathers, rhinestones, and other flashy embellishments to make their ideal, bejeweled outfits. Others have created their garb based on Swift’s arsenal of previous music videos. 

   Moreover, numerous fans can be seen with delicate, vivid, multicolored fingernails in reverence to her different eras. In recognition of each era, some have painted each one of their fingernails to match each one of her album covers. 

   At last, Taylor Swift superfans got the chance to show off their enchanted ensembles when the Eras Tour kicked off in Glendale, Arizona on March 17. Arizona paid homage to the singer by temporarily, but officially, renaming Glendale, “Swift City” for the two nights that she performed there. Swiftie’s – a nickname for Taylor Swift fans – from far and wide traveled to Glendale to get the very first look at what Swift’s Eras Tour had in store. Clearly, it is a safe assumption to say that everyone was pleasantly surprised and completely dumbfounded by what the gorgeous, global superstar had to offer. 

   On night one of her tour – and every night since – Swift has repeatedly done the unthinkable: she has flawlessly performed a setlist of 44 songs from across all ten of her albums which add up to an estimated total of three hours and fourteen minutes of unfiltered spotlight. And though she rarely gets the chance to breathe, she has yet to let her loyal fans down. 

   Of the 44 songs that she performs, two of the songs she performs each night are never the same as the rest, earning them the nickname, “surprise songs.” During each concert, she picks two songs from any of her past 10 albums, and performs them live for her audience, which also means that no two concerts on her eras tour will be the same. 

   “As with all elements of Swift’s performance styles, her setlist is a complicated production,” journalist for The Mary Sue website, Lauren Coats expressed. “Instead of jumping around from era to era for each song, Swift’s setlist (for the most part) features a designated chunk of tracks from each album, dedicating time to each “era” before checking it off the list and moving on to the next one. It is not as simple as four songs from each album, though—some entries in her discography nabbed more spots than others.”

   Swift gifts her fans with over three hours of raw talent and innovative choreography, all the while sporting her different costumes for each era and her signature red lipstick. 

   Earlier this month, Swift performed three shows at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas where a few of her celebrity friends like Selena Gomez and JJ Watt attended the event alongside her innumerable Lone Star State fans. Defensive NFL legend, JJ Watt turned to social media after the concert he attended to express his overall respect and admiration for Swift and her righteous stamina. 

   “It is hard to explain how amazing it was. The setlist, the vocals, the scenery, the way she literally never stopped the entire three and a half hours… The whole production itself was just unbelievable and feels like a fever dream,” Tarleton State University nursing student, Mckenna Maddux reported. “She is literally the most talented person I know; it was seriously the greatest experience of all time.”

   When the concert ends, Swift’s fans leave the venue and are greeted by the starlight of the late evening, seeing that her setlist ends at roughly 11 p.m. Many of the Swiftie’s who have already had the chance to attend one of her concerts highly recommend having a getaway car at the ready to avoid post-concert traffic. Many Swiftie’s also report a strong afterglow sensation when heading home from the concert; almost as if the whole three hour concert happened in a fleeting moment. 

   “Overall, this concert felt like a literal dream! I still can not believe that I was blessed enough to be able to experience it. It was quite possibly the best day of my life. Every single era was unbelievable and there was never a dull moment the entire show,” Taylor Swift fan, Charlee Maddux reminisced. 

   Throughout the course of her tour, Swift will be performing 52 individual shows total in 20 U.S. cities over the course of five months. And after roughly 22 weeks on the road, her final show will be on August 9 in Los Angeles, California.

   As always, Taylor Swift will remain a household name for the foreseeable future, and she will remain a pop music mastermind forever and evermore

   Also, please don’t blame me, but you know all too well that I had to sneak in some Taylor Swift song titles within this article. Call it what you want, but I think it is a genius hoax

   How many Taylor Swift song titles can you find?

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