NF finally returns

The comeback and future plans for this rapper

On April 7, Nathan Feuerstein, also known as NF, is releasing his new album “HOPE.” A teaser for the full album came out on Feb. 16 and the music video has already hit over eight million views.

NF has been releasing music since 2010, starting with his first album “Moments,” however, he did not take off as an artist until 2017 with his album “Perception.” He has received many accolades for his albums since achieving his mainstream status, including Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year from the Gospel Music Association Dove Awards.

With this new album, NF seems to have changed his sound. His previous albums have been centered around his mental health, particularly dark times in his life in which people related to heavily. Yet with this new song, he is turning towards a more hopeful future, hence the name.

It is going to be unique and quite distinct from what his audience has come to expect from him. The upcoming album will accompany him on his career path to develop a new outlook, one that is filled with confidence and a sense of possibility.

In the released song, NF starts off with a string of remarks in which he characterizes the first 30 years of his lifetime. The song concludes with a fight between NF and his demons attempting to take control of him. “You’ll never evolve,” his demons say, but NF says, “I know I can change. I’m the one in charge / I’m taking the, no / I’m taking the / Reigns,” he sings at the end of his song.

 This music video has shown tremendous growth in NF since his last album release. It shows his fans more of what he has overcome in the past and that for him, the future is full of what could be.