The Planetary Stop

Keep up with what the planetarium has to offer

Are you an organization that just started or a group of friends just looking for some activity to do? Did you know that Tarleton State has its very own planetarium located in the science building. In the room, it is managed by Jason Jacks. The planetarium offers daily showings starting at 7 p.m. and offers an abundance of opportunity for everyone, from visitors to student organizations. To utilize its facilities, the planetarium seats about 86 people. The planetarium’s modern innovation allows for it to serve as a lecture hall for film studies, a performance venue for guest speakers and musicians, as well as a cool, comfortable theater for current students to watch classic and contemporary motion pictures. The planetarium hosts special digital presentations for the public throughout the year, including children’s matinees and special holiday presentations for the entire family.


The Planetarium offers an abundance of titles for viewing such as “Seven Wonders, Dream Big,” “Lamps Of Atlantis,” and “The Origin of life.” It will be normal throughout the year to choose a specific film to feature and run throughout the semester in addition to the titles offered. The most recent film being “The Mystery of the Christmas Star” and it ran through December of the fall semester. The planetarium is free for students and organizations to rent out for events and watch parties by filling out the online form. It offers the most popular streaming services like Disney +, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime to potential reservations; they also can play any blu-ray physical disk copies as well. The planetarium offers many resources for students who may be interested in astronomy, writing, public speaking, and getting children interested in the fields of science and technology. They are currently looking for students who want to utilize that opportunity.

While the planetarium has been around for well over a decade, most people still do not know the planetarium exists, let alone that we even had one. This is a perfect opportunity for new and older organizations to host social and professional events in an area that can host a lot of people and is relatively easy to book and utilize.


The Tarleton State University planetarium is open online at for booking or via email  [email protected]