“In My Defense” You Should Check Out Bri Bagwell at LJT

Bri Bagwell is getting ready to play Larry Joe Taylor Texas  Music Festival and see her fellow road warriors.

Photo courtesy of Bri Bagwell's website

Bri Bagwell is getting ready to play Larry Joe Taylor Texas Music Festival and see her fellow road warriors.

Born and raised in Las Cruces, New Mexico artist Bri Bagwell started first performing on stage at the early age of three years old and created her first band with her older brothers at the age of 13.

“I started writing at that age, and singing my original songs live for an audience,” Bagwell said. “I recorded my first ‘CD’ of songs when I was only 14 and that was when I officially started playing in bars and honkytonks.”

Growing up Bagwell has always looked up to Miranda Lambert.

“I remember my mom pausing the TV and running into my room to grab me when the video for ‘Kerosene’ came out,” Bagwell said. “It was attitude, sass and amazing writing … she was everything to me and still is.”

Playing in a live band for over 15 years means that Bagwell has had plenty of musical inspirations in her life.

“I love 90’s country music, and always have. Of course, Willie, Waylon and the Johnny Cash era will always have my heart too,” Bagwell said. “But I grew up on Vince Gill, The Dixie Chicks, Terri Clark and Dwight Yoakum, to name a few.”

All these musical inspirations have led Bagwell to create her own style.

“Someone the other day said my sound was Southwestern Country Rock and I thought that was neat,” Bagwell said. “We are a little edgy, but not pop. I definitely try to showcase my songwriting in whatever form that takes.”

Bagwell’s fourth full length album “In My Defense” was released in September of 2018.

“It is next-level production and musicians, but we were really careful with every single song,” Bagwell said. “We (Rachel Loy as producer, and I) tore them a part and rebuilt the songs. The listeners often comment on the entire album instead of single songs – that means, to me, they value it as a whole piece of art. I am so thrilled with the response. It’s been incredible!”

Bagwell has had success with her first single from the album titled “If You Were A Cowboy” that hit number one as well as the song “Cheat On Me” that hit number nine after six weeks.

“I’ve never seen this kind of success with singles, but I hope the biggest hit hasn’t happened yet,” Bagwell said. “I think ‘Empty Chairs’ will find its way to the audiences somehow, and in a big way – even though I am not sure what it is just yet.”

Photo courtesy of Bri Bagwell’s website

Although those songs are the most successful of the newest album Bagwell’s favorite song off the new album to sing is “Asphalt and Concrete.”

“It’s a desert song with a great groove, and it just feels like me,” Bagwell said. “It’s basically a biographical song about me in my twenties.”

Besides LJT Bagwell loves to perform at Dosey Doe in The Woodlands.

“I always leave there feeling like I’m supposed to be a performer, and that my music doesn’t suck,” Bagwell said. “A great venue and audience can really take you from your lowest low, to your highest high!”

Although Bagwell loves performing anywhere, she has dreams of performing on the Grand Ole Opry stage.

“It’s been really neat to see a lot of Texas acts perform there; I saw Aaron Watson there actually when I was living in Nashville. That’s definitely on the bucket list,” Bagwell said.

One of the things Bagwell is most looking forward to about performing at LJT is seeing her musician friends.

“I’m excited to be on the same day as Steve Helms, Dirty River Boys, Kody West and Mike Ryan to name a few,” Bagwell said. “I love watching and catching up with our fellow road warriors.”

With LJT coming up Bagwell and her band are eager to play at LJT.

“It’s such an iconic Texas festival, and I spent years wanting to play it,” Bagwell said. “It’s an honor to be back and thanks to the fans who keep buying tickets and making it great! Let’s Rock!”

Be sure to check out Bagwell on the Allsup’s Stage on Friday, April 26 as well as checking out her album “In My Defense” specifically the song “Empty Chairs.”