The Texan Card gets a new look!

Texan card office announces new cards that will highlight roles on campus.

For the first time since 2015, the Texan Card office is releasing new Texans Card designs. Students, faculty, staff and Contractors will each have their own Texan Card to help identify everyone on campus. 

Current Texan Card (Aspen Hoover)









“Last time there was a change on the cards was back in 2015, excluding the 2017 Centennial card that celebrates the 100 years in the A&M system,” Dean Mason, Director of Texan Card Operations said.

2015 Texan Card
2017 Texan Card

This means the office now makes cards that are individualized by your title. There is now a card for staff members, faculty members, contractors, and a new design for students. Each card has an image that symbolizes something special within the group they represent. The cards will now list the individual’s UID/UIN on the face and will be a replacement for the soon to be retired design. You will still use these cards to enter buildings and to get into the dining hall, dining dollars, Texan bucks, access to the Tarleton Rec and their equipment, as well as still being used to check out materials in the Dick Smith Library.

On February 14th, 2022 the cards will start being printed this way. If you have had your old card for over 365 days then you can turn it into the office and receive a new card. If it has been less than 365 days or if you have lost your card then there is a 10 dollar fee for the new card. However, if you have not had a card for over three years then the card is free. 

The faculty edition of the card was posted to the @tsutexancard Instagram on Jan. 31. The faculty card was designed with the Engineering building in its photo to resemble education, looking forward, and the faculty preparing students for the future. (Pictured on left)


The staff card was posted on Feb. 1. The four pillars of the nursing building featured on the card are to show how the staff hold up the university and keep everyone stable. 

“The staff are the pillars that hold the university together,” Mason said. (Pictured left)

The Contractor card will be posted on Feb. 2. This card has the famous Tarleton landmark the Smoke Stack on its face to resemble the behind the scenes work that contractors do on Tarleton’s campus.

The Smoke stack used to warm up our campus and still stands today as one of our most notable landmarks.

“It is the engine the keeps everything going, they keep everything running behind the scenes,” Mason said. (Pictured below)

Finally, the student card will be posted on Feb 3. Just in time for Purple Thursday. The student card features a Texan hand and the infamous Tarleton bonfire. 

“The card was designed with the bonfire in the back to resemble the burning desires of our students to be able to move forward, the drive that keeps our students going here at Tarleton. We purposefully made it with a hand that you can’t tell if it’s a male or a female hand, so that it would represent everybody,” Mason said. (Pictured below)









To see the cards up close there are “larger than life” displays in the campus store as well as TSC 212.