From best friends to brotherhood

Kappa Sigma rushes to make their mark on campus

Kappa Sigma is Tarleton’s newest fraternity that made its debut in the Fall 2021 semester.

The fraternity held multiple interest meetings before solidifying a group of members and holding elections for officer and chair positions. 

Sophomore Finance major, Remington Templeton, was invited by a friend from his class to join.

“I had no real interest in joining a fraternity when I came to college. I did not even look at the other ones and it was far from my mind,” Templeton said. “When I heard about it, I didn’t even know I was going to a fraternity interest meeting. When I got there and I started hearing the presentation, the fellow giving the presentation was persuasive and my interest peaked.” 

Templeton knew a few of the guys in the fraternity and joined after he attended a few meetings. Templeton is a member who does not hold any officer or chair position, but said that doesn’t hold him back from doing his part.

“At this time with everything going on, everyone has a purpose whether they have a title or not,” Templeton said. “I do my part, I work hard with those who do have titles and I try to make everyone’s life a little easier. That’s what we’re all about.” 

Since Kappa Sigma is new, the fraternity has not participated in a lot of activities or philanthropy yet. However, the fraternity was able to participate in Phi Mu’s philanthropy softball tournament, and they are working on starting their own philanthropy events. 

Kappa Sigma’s philanthropy is the Military Heroes Campaign, which provides care for veterans and their families. 

“As a fraternity I think it’s interesting that the notion is set that you are friends and even brothers, and with that precedent, everyone gets along well and we have gotten to know each other very quickly,” Templeton said.

Templeton said that the word “fraternity” means brotherhood and that Kappa Sigma tries to emulate that.

“We knew as a fraternity that we needed to do our best to work together and be great friends and brothers,” Templeton said. “I think that is an interesting concept and what I think all fraternities should be like, that we all have a precedent that we all want to be respectful of each other and help each other along the way instead of being strangers and competing against each other. That’s not what it’s about.”

Kappa Sigma is currently trying to be recognized as an official chapter by their national headquarters as well as by the university. 

“We have a mission statement, and in so many words it’s about being the best man we can be and honoring those who came before us and support us,” Templeton said. “We want to make sure those values are well represented at the Kappa Sigma chapter at Tarleton State.”

The fraternity is working on hosting rushing events to get membership up with the eventual goal of being the biggest fraternity on campus.

“The whole goal is to be different from the other fraternities and we wanna put our best foot forward,” Freshman Mechanical Engineering major, Douglas Zintgraff said.

Zintgraff currently serves as the Grandmaster of Ceremonies (GMC) and is in charge of membership development, pledge programs, rituals, traditions, rushing events and social events.

“We don’t just want to be nice guys, but a loving older brother that some never had and the first person to call if someone needs something,” Zintgraff said. 

Kappa Sigma hopes to be a fully recognized chapter by the end of this semester.

“I love how all have the same goals as everyone around us and we can all work together,” Zintgraff said.

“Kappa Sigma is all about brotherhood, feeling like you belong with the group and finding your niche among the larger population here,” Freshman Psychology major Ross Trigg said.

Trigg currently serves as the Public Relations Chair.

“My favorite thing about Kappa Sigma is the strong bonds that I have made with the brothers that will last after college,” Trigg said. 

More information about Kappa Sigma can be found on their Instagram page @KappaSigma_TSU