The Dapper Dog

Paws- itively the best place in town

There are many dogs that reside on the Tarleton State University campus and hundreds more off-campus. Having a dog is the highlight of many people’s lives. They show us love, joy, and much more. What about when we are in class and they have to be home alone? Sure, they get plenty of love and attention when you are there, but what if there was a place they could go to be just as happy when they are away?

 Look no further, The Dapper Dog has opened right here in Stephenville, TX. The Dapper Dog is a chic locally owned business that offers doggy daycare and boarding. 

The local owners, Chad and Carie Decker, moved to Stephenville 20 years ago and established Hard 8 BBQ. 

They are active members of the community as well as big supporters of the Tarleton community. They even make sure to give Tarleton students opportunities of employment. 

In Fall 2022, The Dapper Dog will be hosting a special event during Homecoming week where they encourage students to bring their dogs for the day, so they can have their own tailgate party while fellow Texans have their own. 

When the idea for The Dapper Dog came up, it was the Decker’s goal to ensure that the facility was inviting for all pet owners.

“I wanted the feel to be stylish, and I wanted to put in an upscale and unique one-of-a-kind daycare, boutique, and hotel for dogs,” Carie said. 

Carie believes that dogs should be able to socialize just like their owner, and not be forced to be home alone while the owner is out. Dogs need social skills just as much as humans. They show to be very beneficial in the aspect of manners. Not only will the dogs act right around other people, but other dogs as well.

At The Dapper Dog, they concentrate on cleanliness and enrichment activities, which are important when handling as many dogs as they do. Practices such as these suppress the risk of spreading sickness and disease so your furry companion stays healthy.

 Carrie and Chad had been looking for a facility that met their needs, however, they kept falling short. Therefore, they created The Dapper Dog in their image. They figured they were not the only dog parents with this problem, and they were not wrong. The Dapper Dog stays busy with daycare and boarding every week. 

One of the elements Carie wanted to establish was that The Dapper Dog was not only inviting to dogs but their owners as well. The facilities are a thought-out environment that consists of non-absorbent flooring which is cleaned daily, along with turf grass which is disinfected daily. Additionally, the Dapper Dog offers an indoor-outdoor facility for running around and playing. There is always an employee with the dogs to entertain, play and even work on manners at all times.

One of the most distinctive components The Dapper Dog has is that there are cameras in all 17 dog suites. This allows Carie to keep an eye on all of the animals throughout the night and assure her customer’s that their dogs are in safe hands. Carie even plays soft doggy-approved music for all the dogs to go to sleep with a lavender scent that is put out.

The Dapper Dog daycare and boarding services allow drop-off as early as 7:30 a.m. and pick up by 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday. They recommend calling ahead and that it is never too early to book with them so your dog has a pleasant stay while you are away. They keep stock of a variety of doggy-approved merchandise from fashionable harnesses to lavish dog treats. 

The Dapper Dog opened on February 1, 2022, but their official Grand Opening was on Thursday, April 14, 2022. If you are interested in touring their facilities and supporting a local business, come to the grand opening and see for yourself how great of a place The Dapper Dog would be for your companion.