Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

2022 was filled with many, many blockbuster movies. It seems fitting that Netflix ended the year with a bang, bringing us a spin-off of the 2019 movie, “Knives Out.”

“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” made its Netflix debut on Dec. 23. It is described as a stand-alone sequel to the initial movie. It has achieved cinematic history by becoming the first Netflix production to open in all three of the country’s major motion picture theater chains: AMC, Regal, and Cinemark. From Nov. 23 to Nov. 29 in over 600 cinemas all across the nation and other cinemas around the world, the “Knives Out” sequel will make its theatrical debut as part of a unique one-week event. 

The cast of characters has a strong background, with Ed Norton portraying tech entrepreneur and getaway host, Miles Bron, and recurrent star, Daniel Craig, continuing his character as Detective Benoit Blanc. Duke Cody, played by Dave Bautista, is a YouTube sensation dating Madelyn Cline’s character, Whiskey, his assistant. Stylish Birdie Jay is played by Kate Hudson, and Peg, her helper, is played by Jessica Henwick. Claire DeBalla, a governor campaigning for the Senate, is portrayed by Kathyn Hahn. Leslie Odom Jr. represents Lionel Toussaint, a scientist, and Janelle Monáe plays computer businesswoman Cassandra Brand for Norton’s Miles persona.

This movie has a fantastic setting, a collection of suspects with various motives and opportunities combined to create a delectably twisting remix of the traditional British whodunit. In terms of sheer numbers, the men and women in “Glass Onion” are equal, but the women are also the ones who get the more intriguing origin stories, satisfying plot lines, and exquisite outfits which makes the movie quite striking in the eyes of the industry. 

“A pleasant mixture of language and compelling personalities that save the movie from its poorer qualities has been created by writer-director Rian Johnson,” Micheal Carreri said. 

The writer-director Rian Johnson is applauded by many for his original work on Knives out and it is no different with “Glass Onion.”

The writer-director has gone all-out to make everything in Glass Onion as big, broad, funny, and colorful as Daniel Craig’s southern drawl,” Nicolas Barber said. 

Recently, Johnson has confirmed there will be a third movie, continuing this series. “Knives Out 3” presumably will not be available for quite a while, considering that “Glass Onion,” which had a brief theatrical run, was only released on Netflix. The upcoming Knives Out episode will undoubtedly debut on Netflix. 

 “We have one more movie in our contract with Netflix, but I don’t see it as a trilogy,” the director told RadioTimes. “I see it as an ongoing thing. As long as Daniel and I are having fun and coming up with something new and exciting every time, we’ll keep doing this as long as we can.”

Outside the location and the clashing characters, I believe the upcoming film will genuinely try a novel narrative and stylistic approach, continuing the amazing story that is “Knives Out.”