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A film to inspire change

Film directors, Ben and Samuel Pauling, were at Open Door Church in Burleson, Texas, promoting the production of their new film, “Dream,” to bring awareness to child sex trafficking with Pastor Troy Brewer on Sunday, Feb. 4. 

“Dream” follows the life of Ray, who takes his five-year-old sister to a local “Fast Fridays” motorcycle race the day that she goes missing. Years later, he is haunted by a dream of a warehouse surrounded by a security fence where he can hear the screams and cries of children.

The directors of this film are partnering with Open Door Church, as well as several independent news outlets, because they found themselves inspired by Pastor Troy Brewer’s story.

Through an organization called Answer International, Troy Brewer Ministries rescues children who have been trafficked all over the world every single day. He continues to advocate for these children who have been through horrific experiences and raise money through his church ministry in order to rescue them. Troy and his wife, Leanna Brewer, continue to raise these children in orphanages that they built around the world, sowing light into their lives.

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Troy Brewer claims to have had prophetic dreams given to him by God, similar to movie producer Ben Pauling’s dream that inspired the creation of the film.

“I was standing in front of this gate of this industrial warehouse. And blacked-out windows just kind of haunted me with this warehouse. Just the essence of what I knew was going on in there was just beyond what seemed like a normal business,” Ben Pauling said in an interview with Veterans For Child Rescue. “And as a man pulls up in a mysterious vehicle, he gets out, starts questioning me, and I start to kind of piece together that there’s something going on in there that’s more than just business as usual, you know? In my heart, I woke up from this dream, and I just had a real sense of a cry from these children.”

Ben Pauling explains the effect that this dream had on him, and what ultimately moved him to start the process of producing the film “Dream.” 

“For the first time in my life, I felt the fear of what these children must be living in, and the silence that the world has towards it,” Pauling said.

In the countries of Nepal and India, over 300,000 girls are sold into sexual slavery every year. This statistic does not even include the rest of the world.

People like Ben Pauling and Troy Brewer truly believe that they have a calling to stop this growing epidemic of sexual slavery.

“You’re not seeing it on the news, so our goal is to sound the trumpets in ways that we’re gifted, and that we’re capable of doing. And the reality is that stories are the most translatable and powerful thing throughout history,” Pauling said. “How people can change the way they think, how people can be moved, and pick up their swords, really. And stories translate across all colors, all nationalities, all borders, and that’s what we’re desperately in lack of right now in our culture, in our world, to have good stories brought out to amplify truth; to amplify light.”

While sexual trafficking is a heavy weighing subject, and may not be the most palatable for viewers, this is about more than just a film. This is about spreading awareness of the harsh reality that thousands of children continue to face every single day. 

The upcoming film “Dream” is sure to inspire change. The proceeds are going to Answer International, an organization dedicated to rescuing and saving the lives of thousands of boys and girls around the world who have fallen victim to sexual trafficking.

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