Now streaming: OBX Season 3

Outer banks new season uploaded to Netflix

The long awaited season three of “Outer Banks” has officially started streaming on Netflix.


The Netflix original drama series is set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina as two groups of teenagers (pogues and kooks) search for lost treasure, as they overcome the most unlikely of obstacles. The series is set around charismatic leader, John B., and a treasure map that leads them on the adventure of a lifetime. The series began streaming on April 15, 2020, and has since then caught the eyes of many dedicated fans.


Season three began streaming February 23, 2023 after a year and a half break since season two’s streaming in summer 2021. Season three showcases the characters caught up in the race for treasure, running for their lives.  Episodes follow the adventures of the gang from Poguelandia to their Outer Banks home. John B. is finally reunited with his father, John Rutledge, and the long anticipated romance between Kiara and JJ is featured in season three. The quest for treasure still remains true for the pogues and kooks of Outer Banks. With a shocking season three finale, this is a season viewers will not want to miss. 


Between shocking deaths, the testing of family bonds, high-risk missions, and new villains this show will have some viewers binge watching the action packed 10 episode season. 


“Outer Banks” took to Twitter on Feb 18. to announce its renewal for season four, although it is currently unknown when season four will stream. 


Seasons one through three are now available for streaming on Netflix.