“1883” makes its way to Stephenville

Keep your eyes open for TV series coming soon


On their daily commute to school or work, one may notice downtown Stephenville’s new look. Wooden structures and awnings have been added to local businesses near the courthouse. Rumors have been flying that it is for the soon to be tv series filming of “1883,” a “Yellowstone” spin off series.


Filming for the “Yellowstone” series has taken place in nearby towns like Granbury, Texas and Strawn, Texas so it is no surprise that this western series would make its way to the cowboy capital for filming. 


“1883” is a prequel to “Yellowstone” as it follows the life of the Dutton family, as they flee Texas and adventure across the Great Plains. The series is set in 1883, hence the name, and follows the western lifestyle as the family seeks to find a better life in Montana. The show features actors like Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Sam Elliot.


“Yellowstone” follows John Dutton (Kevin Costner), a seventh generation Montana rancher, fending off forces that threaten the family ranch. The tv series is set in the modern day, and follows the drama of family, politics, greed, and heritage. Both series can be streamed on Paramount Plus. 


Taylor Sheridan is the creator of “Yellowstone” and the spinoff series “1883” and “1923.” Sheridan is a filmmaker, actor, and a native to Texas and the cowboy lifestyle. Sheridan also mentions Tarleton State University in the script of the latest “Yellowstone” season. 


Although nothing has been confirmed yet, the downtown structures of Stephenville are growing everyday and revealing the soon to happen plans. The structure in the downtown plaza is rumored to be a hanging gallows. 


Many people are excited to see what stars will be arriving in Stephenville, and anticipating when filming will take place as new details emerge.