Randall Broddie glad to be apart of the Texan family

Photo courtesy of Tarleton Athletics
Randall Broddie Athlete Headshot

This season of Tarleton State University basketball will mark the first season for junior transfer, Randall Broddie. The 6-foot-3 guard is originally from Temple Hills, Maryland. 

Influenced by his brothers and friends, Broddie began playing basketball at a young age mainly in order to hang out with his friends. 

“I didn’t know that I would actually be good at it, but I fell in love with basketball,” said Broddie. 

Eighth grade is when things started to click for Broddie as he started receiving recognition from high schools and colleges. The recognition was definitely earned as Broddie was rated the number seven shooting guard and number 45 overall player nationally. Broddie twice led his high school teams to state championship tournaments, winning the class 2A state championship his junior year. 

Out of high school Broddie had college offers from all over. Broddie ended up choosing Memphis over Cincinnati, Miami, Penn State and Southern Methodist University. He redshirted his freshman season at Memphis, and the season after transferred to Navarro College where he averaged 10.4 points and 2.7 assists in the 24 games he played. The season after, Broddie transferred to Walters State. While there he averaged 13.9 points and 3.4 assists while shooting 50.5 percent from the field and an impressive 78 percent on free throws in the 27 games he played there.  

Broddie initially didn’t know a lot about Tarleton. After being recruited by the coaching staff at Tarleton, he decided to make a visit and check out the campus. The campus life and the people at Tarleton drew Broddie to the school.

“The people here are warm, genuine, and open,” said Broddie.  

After getting to hang out with the other members of the team, he was sold. The basketball side of the decision to come to Tarleton was an easy one for Broddie.

“The basketball program speaks for itself; the banners and the traditions of this school and the things that coach Chris is doing with the program are all great,” said Broddie. 

The family setting that the team embodies is something that Broddie really enjoys about play at Tarleton. 

“The guys on the team are actually genuine and cool,” said Broddie. 

Broddie chose Tarleton over several division one school offers, a decision he is glad that he made. 

“There is nothing wrong with division two basketball especially at a program like Tarleton, I can say that I am genuinely happy here,” said Broddie

Broddie who happens to be left-handed feels he has a “unique” game that doesn’t compare to many other players, and is ready to do whatever it takes in order to help the team have a successful season.

“I’ll do whatever I need to do for the team whether that’s shooting the ball good, or setting up other people to score, really just anything I can do to produce and be effective,” said Broddie. 

Broddie also wants to work towards being more vocal and more of a leader as the season progresses. As for the team, he feels that getting to the national tournament is the main goal which is very attainable as long as everyone does their part.

The number three that he wears on his chest is something that has been a constant throughout his whole sports career as he has never sported another number. 

“It means a lot to me, when I put this three on it means I’m playing for something bigger than me,” said Broddie.