Tarleton sports weekly recap


Cassie Labay

Tarleton Texans make an explosive entrance into their game against Mississippi College.

This year, especially this semester, has been filled with Tarleton Sports. Many sports are playing at the same time that usually never play together.
Tarleton State University Football kicked off family weekend two weekends ago at Memorial Stadium. Tarleton football played against Mississippi College on Saturday, the 6 at 2 p.m. This game resulted in Tarleton States’ first-ever Division 1 home victory. Tarleton dominated Mississippi College in the first quarter, leaving the score 21-0. In the second quarter, Tarleton state scored another eight points leaving the score at 29-6 Tarleton State. In the last half of the game, Tarleton scored another 10 points and Mississippi College tried to come back in the third quarter, but Tarleton was able to hold them until the end. The end score was 39-14, resulting in a Tarleton win. The following weekend, Tarleton State played Dixie state once again in St. George, Utah. The last time Tarleton played Dixie state, Dixie state beat Tarleton 14-26. But Tarleton made sure not to allow history to repeat itself. Tarleton dominated in the first half, making the score at halftime 17-3, Tarleton State. In the second half, Dixie state tried to come back by scoring 15 points. But Tarleton State scored another 20 points in the third and fourth quarters. Making the end score 37-15, Tarleton State.

Tarleton Baseball started their season off well in Feb. with a three-game weekend against Abilene Christian University. That game resulted in two losses and one win for Tarleton. This past weekend, Tarleton had a four-game match against Sacramento State. This four-game series resulted in three losses and one win for Tarleton. The winning game for Tarleton baseball went nine innings with Sacramento in the lead for the first three innings, then during the fourth inning, Tarleton racked on 7 points making the score 15-9 in the bottom of the fourth. Sacramento then scored another four points during the sixth and eighth innings but it wasn’t enough to come back. The end score was 16-13 Tarleton.
Men’s Basketball came to an end last weekend after a two-game match against University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on Friday the 5 and Saturday the 6. Both of the games they played resulted in wins for Tarleton. Tarleton looked promising in the first half of game one leading the score 36-28. In the second half of game one
Tarleton scored 29 more points, making the end score of game one 65-47 Tarleton. The following night was slightly more eventful for Tarleton. The score at the end of the first half was tied 28-28. Tarleton was able to come back in the second half and score 41 more points leaving UTRGV to only score 30 additional points. The end score was 69-58 with Tarleton on top. A great way to end the 2020-2021 season.
Women’s Basketball also ended their season last weekend at home against UTRGV. They played on Friday the 5 and Saturday the 6. Game one resulted in a loss for Tarleton but the next night they came to win. In the first half of game two, Tarleton state racked the points on, leaving the score 26-22 with Tarleton in the lead. The second half was with UTRGV scoring 30 points, and Tarleton scoring 37. This left the end score at 63-52 with Tarleton winning. Women’s basketball ended their 2020-2021 season well and we can’t wait to see what they do next semester.
The Tarleton Women’s Golf team played a two-day tournament at the UTRGV Invitational on Monday the 8 and Tuesday the 9. Junie Khaw, the senior for Tarleton State, ended the tournament ranking in the top 10 with a total score of 230 just 11 points higher than the first ranked player for the tournament. Overall, Tarleton Women’s Golf received eighth place in the entire tournament, with 985 points.
The Tarleton Softball team had an eventful weekend this past week, with a four-game match in Austin, Texas. The weekend resulted in two losses against the University of Texas, one loss against Texas Southern, and one win against Texas Southern. Tarleton scored two points in the third and fourth innings making the score 2-0, Tarleton.
The Women’s Tennis team was set to play Texas Tech last weekend but the game was sadly canceled. The most recent tennis game was on Wednesday the 10, at home against South Dakota. This game resulted in a win for Tarleton with a score of 4-0.
Last but certainly not least, the Tarleton Volleyball team against an eventful spring break this past week. They played Dixie State twice on Monday the eighth and Tuesday the ninth, game one resulted in a 3-0 win for Tarleton. Game two resulted in a 0-3 loss for Tarleton and on Thursday the 11, Tarleton State played Texas Tech but unfortunately lost 1-3. For upcoming game schedules and information, visit tarletonsports.com. Stay safe Texans!