Tarleton football spring recap


Cassie Labay

Kaylon Horton fumbling the ball on a punt return after a collision with two players during the April 1, 2021 game against East Central.

After a long-anticipated start, the Texans kicked off their season on February 13, vs McNeese State at Memorial Stadium. This was an eventful first game of the season for Tarleton State University, as the Texans and McNeese played into double overtime.
During the first quarter, McNeese was in the lead with a score of 10-3. The second quarter was relatively uneventful other than Ryheem Skinner scoring the first touchdown of the game, the first-ever touchdown in Tarleton’s Division 1 history. The third quarter was dominated by Tarleton, scoring two touchdowns bringing the score to 24-10. The fourth quarter was even more exciting than the previous quarter. McNeese scored two touchdowns and was able to hold Tarleton, only allowing Tarleton to score one more additional touchdown, bringing the score to 31-31, tying up the fourth quarter, and bringing the game into overtime.
The first overtime was tied up as both teams kicked, bring the score to 34-34. During the second and last overtime, Tarleton kicked once more bringing the score to 31-34, but at the last second, McNeese scored a touchdown, leaving the score to 40-37 with McNeese winning.
The second game of Tarleton’s Division 1 season was against New Mexico State University (NMSU). This game was a lonely one because no fans were allowed to attend because the state of New Mexico was shut down due to COVID-19.
The Texans were able to get their first-ever Division 1 win in Tarleton history. The Texans dominated throughout the entire game, never losing the lead. In the first quarter, the Texans scored three touchdowns and were able to keep NMSU at bay by only allowing them one touchdown.
This brought the score at the end of the first to 23-7 with Tarleton in the lead. The second quarter was not as exciting, Tarleton kicked a field goal, was able to rack on two more points and hold NMSU, bringing the score to 33-7. During the third quarter, Tarleton and NMSU both came back to put up a fight. The Texans scored the first touchdown of the second half and NMSU scored their second touchdown of the game. Bring the score to 40-10 with Tarleton still in the lead. During the fourth quarter, Tarleton racked on three more points by scoring a field goal. To end out the fourth quarter, NMSU scored their third and final touchdown. Bringing the final score to 43-17 with the Texans winning.
The following weekend was Tarleton’s pink-out football game against Dixie State University at home. Dixie State dominated Tarleton throughout the entirety of the game, never letting Tarleton have the lead.
During the first quarter, Dixie State scored a touchdown, bringing the score at the end of the first to 7-0. The second quarter was more eventful with Dixie State scoring a touchdown and a field goal and Tarleton scoring their first touchdown of the game. Bringing the score to 17-7 with Dixie State still leading. In the third quarter, Tarleton and Dixie State were both coming to play as they scored additional touchdowns bringing the score to 23-14. During the fourth quarter, Dixie State finished off the Texans, scoring the final touchdown of the game with a score of 26-14.
Game three was the family weekend game against Mississippi College. This game resulted in Tarleton States’ first Division 1 home victory.
Tarleton dominated Mississippi College in the first quarter, leaving the score 21-0. In the second quarter, Tarleton scored another eight points 29-6. In the last half of the game, Tarleton scored another ten points and Mississippi tried to come back in the third quarter, but Tarleton was able to hold them until the end. The end score was 39-14, resulting in a Tarleton win.
The following weekend, Tarleton played Dixie once again in St. George, Utah. Tarleton made sure to not allow history to repeat itself. Tarleton dominated in the first half, making the score at halftime 17-3. In the second half, Dixie State tried to come back by scoring 15 points but Tarleton scored another 20 points in the third and fourth quarters. Making the end score 37-15 for a Tarleton win.
The next weekend was the homecoming football game on Saturday, March 20 at 6 p.m. The Texans played Midwestern State University (MSU).
During the first quarter, Tariq Bitson caught a 10-yard pass from Steven Duncan. Bitson was able to score a touchdown. Later, Khalil Banks, running back, made a touchdown after a 9-yard run. Then, MSU scored after a 92-yard kickoff return. At the end of the first quarter, Gabe Douglas caught a 7-yard pass and was able to score another touchdown. Leaving the score 20-7. The second quarter started with MSU scoring a touchdown after a 4-yard run. Towards the end of the first half, Bitson once again caught a 40-yard pass from Duncan and scored another touchdown for Tarleton, ending the first half with a score of 27-14 with Tarleton in the lead. During the third quarter, MSU scored after a 5-yard run. In the fourth quarter, Tarleton finished off the game with Skinner scoring the last touchdown after a 4-yard run. Leaving the score 33-21 with a Texan homecoming win.
During the following weekend, Tarleton continued their winning streak after playing Northeastern State. The Texans dominated Northeastern the entire game, never letting Northeastern score.
Tarleton score two touchdowns in the first quarter and an additional field goal in the second quarter, ending the first half with a score of 17-0. The second half of the game was much like the first, Tarleton scored four additional touchdowns in the third and fourth quarters, bring the game to a score of 38-0 with a Tarleton win.
Tarleton was not able to turn their four-game winning streak into five in their last game of the season against East Central. Tarleton started the game by scoring a touchdown but East Central was not far behind with their first touchdown. The score at the end of the first was tied 7-7. The second quarter was uneventful as neither Tarleton nor East Central University soring. The third and most eventful quarter was kicked off by East Central scoring two touchdowns, Tarleton was able to sneak one more touchdown in there leaving the score at the end of the third 21-14. The fourth quarter was also uneventful with neither team’s scoring. The final score was 21-14, leaving East Central with a win.
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