What’s growing on with the horticulture club

You grow it to yourself to get involved with the horticulture club

As of August 2021, the Horticulture Club is back in full swing thanks to sophomore Emelie Roussel, club president, and Dr. Stuart Weiss, club advisor. This place for plant lovers had been previously established at Tarleton State University, but one student with a passion for horticulture brought it back to life in the fall of 2021.

This organization has a great influence on it’s members. This is very evident, seeing as their president even “changed [her] major to Horticulture management,” Roussel stated. 

This decision sprouted from the passion she embodies to learn more about plants and her dedication to helping others get involved and make connections within the community. 

The horticulture program at Tarleton is growing rapidly, and this club is your ticket to find out more about what the program offers. The Horticulture Club is a great way for current students to meet others that have similar interests and want to serve the community. 

 The Horticulture Club meets every other Tuesday in room 144 of the Plant and Animal Science center at the Tarleton Agriculture Center and currently has 35 members. Their most recent meeting on Feb. 22 included a presentation by Taryn Gibbs about the effects of light pollution. 

This home for plant lovers is a service and education based club that helps students and the community learn about horticulture. 

“We have a garden to grow free produce for students, and any extra goes to a food bank. Other than that, we have trips and events like hiking, cookouts, and occasionally bring in an educational speaker to teach people about the horticulture industry,” Roussel said. 

To become a member of the Horticulture Club, $10 dues must be paid with an additional $15 if you want a T-shirt. Non-members are welcome to come to meetings, however, there are perks to becoming a member, such as going on trips and being invited to other events. Meetings consist of everything from propagation swaps and committee meetings to raffles and sweet treats.

There are endless opportunities that come with becoming a member of the Horticulture Club, and one of the many perks, there are no requirements. It is up to you to decide how involved you would like to be. Members are encouraged to participate by the point system that is utilized to track participation by each member “so students that participate more get rewarded at our end of the year banquet,” Roussel stated. 

For more information about the horticulture club, meeting dates, and event updates, follow them on instagram @tarletonhorticulture.